25, 26, 27 & 28.

Within these past few days: You’re meant to eat all the expensive things, all the things that make you fat, the things that contain god-knows amounts of sugar and butter. It was such a chill xmas, me and mum just avoided the overeating and bloating this season. The weather has been extraordinary these past few days,┬átemperatures reaching mid 20’s. This is the kind of “Kiwi Summer” that I love - not a cloud in the sky and its hot enough for you not to care about what to wear cos its simply just too hot.┬áSanta was good to me this year, Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb and another Pandora charm, both of which I asked for. What I have found though, is that Boxing Day sales aren’t so much a big deal to me anymore. I walked around the local mall finding very little that interested me. I choose to not shop where because it’s on sale, I buy it. No. I have to have full intention on exactly what I want, the colour, the size, the price range. It’s all listed in my head what I want. If I find something, I check it out. How well does it fit? Etc etc etc. If there’s one fault that I see about it, I won’t buy it. To be a successfully happy shopper in my opinion, everything about the product must tick the things off the list, cos if there’s even a minor thing then why pull out the eftpos card? Sure we know most women go for the experience, that’s fun. But I’m simply too stingy to just buy things on sale I know I don’t need or wear. Id rather buy 1 expensive thing I know which will make me utterly happy that will have me dancing on rainbows or something.

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